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Public Data Repositories

Post your data or metadata in a public repository. This helps others discover your work, and it goes a long way toward meeting your funding agency requirements. Consult the library or communications staff if you are interested in posting data on your Cary web pages. Here is a list of just a few repositories...

Metadata & Data Repositories

  • Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity (KNB)
    Document your dataset using the easy KNB Online Data Registry web form, creating a simple Ecological Metadata Language (EML) record. You may upload your dataset to KNB if you choose, or just provide your contact information in lieu of the dataset. You might also link to your data on the Cary Institute website.
  • ESA Data Registry
    This is a publicly accessible registry describing scientific data sets on ecology and the environment. The data sets registered here are associated with articles published in the journals of the Ecological Society of America.
  • Dryad Digital Repository
    Document and upload your metadata or data to Dryad if you would like it associated with a specific publication. Dryad provides a digital identifier (DOI) for your data, making it easy to cite!
  • Figshare
    Manage your research in the cloud and control who you share it with, or make it publicly available and citable.
  • Or search DataBib, a catalog of research data repositories, for more options!