Sharing your data

Cary researchers and staff are encouraged to post data in the Cary Data Repository or a domain specific repository.  Either way, your data will have a DOI for easy citation and reuse, and it will  be discoverable in the DataOne  portal.

To post data in the Cary Data Repository,

REUs and visitors may upload data using this Google Drive folder,  Cary Institute Research Data. You must click on blue "Open in Drive" button before you can upload files. 

Some public data repositories:

Environmental Data Initiative (EDI). A reliable, registered and certified trustworthy data repository for ecological research data. EDI is supported by NSF, and its team provides assistance with data curation, structured metadata (EML), and data submission

NCBI biological repositories. "NCBI advances science and health by providing access to biomedical and genomic information." Bioinformatics databases of the National Library of Medicine(NLM)/National Center for Biotechnology Information(NCBI) include GenBank, Sequence  Read Archive (SRA), GEO.  Learn how to submit your genetics or  bioinformatics  data to these curated databases.

Forest Ecology Monitoring Cooperative (FEMC). A partnership of forest ecology monitoring organizations across the northeast. Find EMMA data archived here.

Dryad Digital Repository. Document and upload your metadata or data to Dryad if you would like it associated with a specific publication. Dryad provides a digital identifier (DOI) for your data, making it easy to cite!

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