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  LUNCH BUNCH (All Lunch Bunches take place at 12:15 in the lunchroom)
    Wednesday, March 1, 2017
    Dr. Rhea Esposito - 
Ecology Education Program Leader, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Fun with Corvids and Cheetos: what I learned from three seasons of stalking crows and magpies
    Tuesday, March 14, 2017
    Ms. Carrie Brown-Lima - Director, NY Invasive Species Research Institute, Cornell University
    Title - TBA



    Rafael Almeida, Graduate Student Fellow

    Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora
    Juiz de Fora, MG, Brasil 36036-900
    Dates: 09 March 2016 through 28 February 2017
    Office & Phone: Likens Lab, Desk #7; Ext. 249
    Host: Emma Rosi
    Purpose of Visit: Studying with Drs. Rosi and Groffman

    Dr. Julie Weitzman, City University of New York
    Dates: 03 October 2016 through 28 September 2018
Office & Phone: Post-Doc office, Ext. 129
    Host: Peter Groffman
    Purpose of Visit: Postdoctoral Researcher    

    Dr. Andre Koval, Visiting Scientist
    Dates: 7 October 2016 through 4 July 2017
    Host: Chris Solomon
    Office & Phone: Visiting Scientist office, Ext. 230

    Dr. Jack Day, University of Texas
    Dates: 02 January 2017 through 28 December 2018
    Office & Phone: Post-Doc office, Ext. 195
Host: Peter Groffman
    Purpose of Visit: Postdoctoral research

    Dr. Amanda Suchy, City University of New York
    Dates: 04 January 2017 through 31 December 2018
     Office & Phone: Post-Doc office, Ext. 238
    Host: Peter Groffman
    Purpose of Visit: Postdoctoral Research

    Erinn Richmond, Monash University
    Dates: 18 January 2017 through 02 February 2017
    Office & Phone: Room 137B, Ext. 235
    Host: Emma Rosi
    Purpose of Visit: Research with Rosi Laboratory

    Dr. Olekasandra (Shasha) Hararuk, McGill University
    Dates: 03 March 2016 through 28 April 2017
    Office & Phone: Post-Doc office, Ext. 234
    Host: Chris Solomon
    Purpose of Visit: Research on modeling lake carbon cycles w/Solomon Group

    Ken Schmidt, Texas Tech University
    Dates: 05 May 2017 through 31 July 2017
    Office & Phone: TBD
    Host: Rick Ostfeld
    Purpose of Visit: Research




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