Housing & Events

The Notice of Visitor/Housing Request Form is required for anyone planning to visit the Cary Institute for any length of time, whether they require housing or not. The combined form will provide visitor information to the appropriate support staff and allow you to indicate visitor needs, as well as, request on-campus housing. 

For assistance with housing, please contact Hazel Westney – 845-677-7600, ext. 171, or westneyh@caryinstitute.org

Housing Information:

2023 Housing Policy & Procedure Manual

Cary Institute Housing List 2023

2023 Housing Rates [effective 1 March 2023]

2024 Housing Rates [effective 1 March 2024]

Fire Evacuation Plan (Fire Alarm Policy) - Current Fire Evacuation Plan (Fire Alarm Policy)

Work Request Form

Local Information:

Map of Millbrook

Cary Institute Event Information:

Cary Institute Event Notification Form  - To request support for a Cary Institute event, please complete this form. 

Cary Events Calendar

Conference Room Calendar

Event Scheduling Form for Outside Organizations  

For assistance with the event notification process, please contact: Heather Malcom – 845-677-7600, ext. 165, or malcomh@caryinstitute.org