Paychex has provided Cary employees an instructional video for using the system to enter their hours, check PTO balances, etc.

Paychex Flex Time Employee Training: Duration- 9 Minutes

Employees must be registered in the Paychex system before logging in to enter time: Register for Paychex Flex (click Sign-Up)

Online Support may be contacted at the number below if you experience difficulty logging in or require technical support.


For Employees - Option 1, Option 2

The hours are 8am – 8pm EST

Paychex Okta Single Sign-On

  1. If you have not already done so, Register for Paychex Flex (click Sign-Up)

  2. Sign in to the Cary Okta Portal with your Cary username and password

  3. Install the Okta browser plugin if prompted to do so

  4. Click the Paychex card and enter the Paychex username and password you created in Step 1

California Withholding Allowance Certificate

Michigan Withholding Exemption Certificate

Vermont Withholding Certificate