Microscope Laboratory

Room Use

The Microscope Lab is a general use space for all of your microscopy needs. Numerous microscopes are available to reserve for use within the microscope room and for checking out. A selection of books are available for use to assist in how to use a microscope and how to identify organisms.

Room Access

The Microscope Lab is a key coded access room. Contact the Director of Laboratory Research Facilities and Analytical Service or the Microscope Lab Coordinator to gain access to the room.


A overview of the microscope laboratory, contents and expectations will be provided to each user.

Initial microscope training will include basic ergonomics, cleaning protocols, and general microscope operations.

Each user is responsible to determine the best microscope, sample preparation and method of observation for their own research.

Microscope Reservation - During times of high usage

When required reservations for a specific microscope will be made on with google calendar. Reservations are limited to 8 hours per day and a limit of 10 business days reserved at one time. If more than one person requires the use of a specific microscope an individual will be limited to 4 hours a day to accommodate multiple projects at one time. If you are unable to use your reservation please remove yourself from the calendar to allow another person to fill the slot. Reservations are mostly on a first come first serve basis, if you know ahead of a two week time period that you will need a specific microscope or if you will need a microscope greater than 2 weeks please speak with the Microscope Lab Coordinator for further information.


Each microscope is provided a drawer for supplies and manuals specific to the microscope. Users may request limited storage for non chemical supplies.

Microscope and Room Rules

  1. Schedule and complete training in advance of intended microscope use.

  2. Request Room access from the Director of Laboratory Research Facilities and Analytical Services or the Microscope Lab Coordinator.

  3. Refrain from using any and all microscopes if you are ill.

  4. When usage is high reserve all microscopes remotely via google calendar.

    • Only reserve microscopes a maximum of two weeks ahead.

    • Remove your reservation if you are unable to use the time slot.

  5. Turn off and cover all microscopes and lights sources when not in use.

  6. How to return microscopes after use.

    • Return all objectives/magnifications to lowest position available.

    • Return all light and filters back to original bright field position.

    • Clean stage area after each use.

    • Turn off microscope.

    • Cover the microscope.

    • Store all microscope supplies back to designated drawer.

  7. Clean and decontaminate work area after each use.

  8. Special training is required prior to use of any immersion oil objectives.

  9. Storage for chemicals and samples is unavailable inside this room.

  10. Report issues ASAP.

Digital Microscopy

Microscope Camera

There are currently two Olympus DP74 digital cameras available on specific microscopes for use. One is connected to a compound and one is attached to a stereoscope. Each is connected to a dedicated computer and large screen monitor.

Specifications of a DP74 can be found here.

Additional Resources can be found here,

Portable Microscopes

Two digital ioLight microscopes are available to take into the field for quick identification of organisms or to share images with a group. A cell phone, iPad or laptop with Wi-Fi along with the ioLight app are required to use the ioLight properly. The ioLight app connects to the Wi-Fi of your portable electronic device. You may download the ioLight app free from Apple or Google Play app stores.

Microscopy Supplies

Microscope Supplies

Researchers are expected to provide all all consumables and either specific research needs or preferred items to use for microscopy. However, there is a limited supply of the following items.

  • Microscope Slides

  • Coverslips

  • Counters

  • Probes

  • Sorting materials

  • Staining containers

  • Watch Glasses

  • Settling chambers