Do Recycle:

* Glass Bottles and Jars (no lids)

* Tin and Aluminum Cans and Foil

(soda cans with NY deposit return can go in box next to soda machine in PSB mailroom)

* #1 PET, #2 HDPE, #3, #5, and #7 Plastic Containers (no lids)

* Newspapers

* Office Paper

* Cereal Boxes and Non-Corrugated Cardboard

* Junk Mail

* Magazines

Unacceptable Items:

* Glass or plastic bottles that contain laboratory chemicals

* Lids from Bottles, Jars and Plastic Containers (unless labeled #1 or #2)

* Plastic Bags (Check the local supermarkets for plastic grocery bag recycling containers)

Where to put your recyclable items:

Newspaper & Office Paper: Bin in PSB mailroom, computer room, Library or Blue Bin (marked paper) outside, back of PSB (next to dumpsters).

Glass, Tin, Aluminum and Plastic: Bin in PSB lunchroom or marked Blue Bin outside in back of PSB (next to dumpsters).

Corrugated Cardboard: Cardboard Dumpster outside the back of PSB.

Styrofoam Packing (peanuts): Place in bag or box and mark for pick up by Custodians.

Universal Waste

Batteries contact Safety Officer

Lamps contact Safety Officer

Electronic Waste (including LED bulbs) contact Physical Plant Manager

CD's can be recycled in the Library.