Field Safety


United States Coast Guard Boating Guide


For Help with the Field Safety Sign-Out Board, please contact the Safety Officer at extension 165.

Field Safety Sign Out Procedure

Read this first to understand the field safety sign out board procedures.

User Information Form

Each user needs to fill out this form before using the sign out board.

Sign-Out Board Contact Awareness Letter

Send a copy of this letter to each of your emergency contacts. Change the date and do an Edit - Find/Replace of "NAME OF PARTICIPANT" with your name.

Sign-Out Board Site Information Form

Complete this form for each of your work sites. Email the completed file to the Safety Officer to be placed in the Field Safety Information Notebook located next to the Sign-Out Board. If you will be working in existing sites, you may update previously prepared site info. Check with the Safety Officer if you have any questions.

Plans of Action and Site Description

Cary Property Plan of Action

Cary Map for Plan of Action 

Cary Property Site Description Many Users

Hudson River Plan of Action

Hudson River Site Description