Lab Facilities

For help with lab resources, please contact Denise Schmidt, extension 162.

Contact Tracing Laboratory General Instrumentation

In order to maintain social distancing and retain records for contact tracing of shared scientific equipment you are required to reserve the scientific equipment remotely and prior to use. Occupancy of each lab facility shall be limited to one occupant per reservation period.

A JOAN Reservation System Placard will be posted at the entrance room; however, reservations must be made through your work/personal device. Do NOT use the JOAN placard to make any reservations.

To Reserve a Shared Scientific Equipment

  1. Sign in to your Cary Google Calendar

    1. Create a new event with the desired date and time. The event name must reflect the name of the equipment you will use. See table below

    2. Click More Options

    3. Click the Rooms tab and select an open Lab Facility - you will need to scroll to the bottom of the list to find the Lab Facilities

    4. Save your calendar event to complete the reservation

Scientific Equipment Requiring Reservation


Chamber 1

Controller 1

Chamber 2

Controller 2

Chamber 3

Controller 3

Chamber 4

Controller 4

Chamber 5

Controller 5

Chamber 6

Controller 6